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Why are our roads better than most in Michigan?  We own and maintain them!

Pheasant Run Roadway Maintenance Association, Inc. (PRRMA) incorporates three subdivisions and Canton Township.  They are Pheasant View at Pheasant Run, Fairways at Pheasant Run, and Fairway Pines at Pheasant Run.  The PRRMA Board of directors incorporates a representative from each subdivision and two persons from Canton Township; a five person board.

The purpose of PRRMA is to enforce and administrate The Reciprocal Roadway Maintenance Agreement which specifies for each entity the maintenance and repairs of our roads and infrastructure systems.  The Reciprocal Roadway Maintenance Agreement directly affects the entire roadway within our three (3) subdivisions and also includes Summit Parkway and Glengarry Boulevard.

A portion of the annual assessment we pay each year goes directly to PRRMA.  A percentage is placed into a reserve fund which is held by PRRMA for anticipated future expenses, for the maintenance and repairs of our roads.  A majority of this money is invested in secure deposits with the intention to increase the amount of cash on hand and to reduce the amount needed from each contributing entity. 

PRRMA has its own web site at:  All of the financials, meeting minutes, contact information and governing documents can now be found at that site.  To find out who is responsible for what (sidewalks, driveways, streets), see the the responsibility matrix (.pdf).

2024 Roadway and sidewalk outlook

From Kevin Whitaker - Roadway Representative

Below is the current evaluation of the streets inside Pheasant View.  The map references the condition of the roads from a standard measuring system called PASER.  This evaluation process is used by MDOT annually to measure and categorize the condition of all public roads in the State of Michigan.  PRRMA employs specialized contractors to evaluate all the private road wearing surfaces in all three subdivisions.  If you might like to learn more about the process you may click on this link.

We are currently in pretty good shape.  Money has been set aside in 2024 for sidewalk repair.   We are being asked to provide locations where water is pooling on the sidewalks.  I plan to walk the sub after a substantial rainfall....but please provide me with any locations of ponding water you may have identified. 

2023 PASER rating_edited.jpg
PASER description index_edited.jpg
2022 Sidewalk Repairs

From Rotondo on May 11, 2022:

"We repair any sprinklers that we damage. You can have residents call our office at 248-474-0707 to report any damaged sprinklers. Just have them leave their name, phone number, and address and we can make sure that we address it. If you have any residents that have already reached out to you please send me their information. Whenever we know we hit one when tearing out concrete our crew marks it and the sprinkler guy comes behind them and fixes it. I believe we hit 2 or 3 of them in Pheasant View and those are being fixed today. But you can have residents reach out to us with sprinkler issues or concerns."

2021 Road Construction
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