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What's happening in the neighborhood?


Due to the excessive amount of storm damage debris, GFL was unable to collect everything on Saturday, March 17.   They will be working through the week to collect what was left behind and will continue on Saturday, March 25.   If your house was missed, please keep it at the curb until it is collected.

Branches/limbs must be manageable in size with cut ends facing the curb, and small branches/twigs should be tied or bundled. GFL will only collect debris left at the curb.   Please note, manageable means any twigs or branches that can easily be carried to the curb.  If GFL crews are unable to lift heavy branches into the truck, they will be left at the curb.

For large limbs on private property, residents will need to work with their HOAs or a private landscaping company for removal.

If you are unable to get branches/limbs cut and at the curb by Saturday, please remember that yard waste pickup begins the week of April 3. Brush and branches may be disposed of on your weekly trash collection day provided it is broken down and placed in garbage cans, paper compost bags or tied in bundles of less than four feet in length and less than 50 pounds.  

Annual Assessments for 2023

The Board discussed the subdivision's financial picture at the December meeting and then reviewed and approved a budget for fiscal year 2023 at the January Board meeting.  The major item of concern is the ever-increasing cost of goods and services.  Nearly every budgeted item has increased ten percent with some unique services rising fifty percent.  Three members of the association membership did not pay their 2022 annual assessment which makes paying the bills more difficult.  Our third-party collection agency is working to collect all bad debt as was discussed at the 2022 annual meeting.  The collection process is moving forward.

The 2023 approved budget will include a 9% increase of the 2023 annual assessment raising the amount to $600.00 for this year.  The budget is available for viewing or download on the Treasurer's page.  The invoices for the 2023 annual assessment have been processed and mailed.  Please contact the HOA Treasurer if you have any questions.  

The annual assessment was due Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

Board of Directors move to in-person meetings

Please click on the Meetings Tab above to learn more about the Board of Directors' meeting location and meeting schedule.  We encourage every member of the association to attend and participate.

Annual Subdivision Meeting

Each year the Board of Directors calls an annual meeting for the entire membership.  This year's meeting was held conducted via zoom on Monday, November 14, 2022.  Each officer reported on this past year's events and what might we as an association might expect in the year 2023.  A financial statement will be presented at the end of the fiscal year and presented to the Board at the January Board meeting.  Those findings will be posted on the Treasurer's page for your review.

One main component of each annual meeting is the election of members to the Board of Directors.  Board members are elected by the membership each year to serve a two (2) year term.  The Board had two open seats this year and both incumbents chose to run again.  There were no nominations from the floor at the annual meeting so all ballots cast were for the incumbents and five (5) write in candidates.  The results of the election were to re-elect Kevin Whitaker and TejKiran Singh each to another two years on the Board.  Congratulations to both of you.

The election of officers was held at the December meeting with every officer returning to their previous office.  The officers of the Board of Directors for 2023 are:

          Kevin Whitaker  -  President

          TejKiran Singh  -  Vice President

          Jim Hegarty  -  Secretary

          Mark Waldbauer  -  Treasurer

          Don Watson  -  Roadway Manager

You may reach any or all members of the Board from the contact tab above.

Lastly, the Board will begin to govern according to the newly affirmed Restated and Amended Covenants and Restrictions in preparation for when they become legally binding in 30 months.  Please bring any question or concern you might have to the attention of the Board.

Have a question?  We may have your answer!

We have added a new FAQ tab at the top of the page.  We receive many similar questions from week-to-week and/or year-to-year so we thought it might be faster for you to see if your question has an answer here, than it is to contact a Board member and send that email.  Take a look at the FAQ page to see you your inquiry has already been addressed.  If the answer is not there, we invite you to please click on the contact tab and forward your question to the Board, ARC, or communications coordinator.  Someone will reply in short order.  Remember, we are all volunteers with employment responsibilities as well.  Your patience is appreciated.

Governing Document Amendments have been approved!

Many thanks to the hard work of our board members and to all of you that voted for our new governing documents!
Final vote counts:
Articles of Incorporation: 136 for / 13 against
Covenants and Restrictions: 132 for / 17 against

The goal of this process was to update very outdated documents, include association-owned mailboxes into our governing documents, and enable the board to better address landscaping and unsightly conditions in our subdivision.  The revised documents and information about the process can be found on the Governing Documents / Proposed Amendments page.

The goals for amending our association governing documents include:

  • Update documents to comply with new federal and state laws and court cases.

  • Update documents to include association-provided mailboxes in our governing documents.

  • Modernize our documents to address the current ‘hot topics’ faced by modern associations.

  • Remove errors, typos, and all unnecessary developer language.

  • Improve readability with shorter paragraphs, less ‘legalese,’ more section titles and subheadings.

  • Consolidate or shorten documents, sections, and text as possible.

  • Remove all illegal (or potentially illegal) provisions.

  • Customize documents to the particular needs of our community.

  • Improve overall functionality and effectiveness of our documents.

  • Educate the membership of the purpose, content, and function of the association’s governing documents as part of the amendment process.

The cost for the complete legal review and proper filing was extensive.  We anticipated and included this expenditure in the budget; the membership will not incur an additional expense.  


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