What's happening in the neighborhood?

Annual Subdivision Meeting

Each year the Board of Directors calls an annual meeting for the entire membership.  The annual meeting minutes from 2021 will be presented and approved by the membership and each board member will offer an update on the past year's activities.  We encourage you to please cast your ballot before the commencement of the annual meeting by mailing it to our post office box.  Mailing directions are printed on your paper ballot.  Mail early as it must be available for counting no later than Sunday, November 13th.  You may also vote at the meeting or before by proxy.  Click here to vote online by proxy.

The typical annual meeting lasts 60 - 90 minutes.  We will again be holding this year's subdivision annual meeting via Zoom.  You can find the Zoom link by checking the subdivision Facebook page or by emailing with your address or lot number for the link.  This is the same link that is used for all board meetings.  

We really want to hear from the membership and learn what is on your mind and what is important to you.  Please join us for the Subdivision Annual Meeting Monday, November 14, 2022 at 7:00 PM.  You can download the meeting agenda here.

We Need Your Help

We love to see the curb trees growing throughout the subdivision.  With this growth however, some of the lower tree branches begin to cause a game of Duck-Duck while walking our sidewalks.  Low hanging branches are difficult to see at night.  If you happen to have a tree that does not provide a seven-foot (7 ft) clearance above the sidewalk, it needs to be trimmed.  If you are not able to trim the tree yourself, please let any member of the Board of Directors know and we will be pleased to assist you.  This is a request from some of our membership as well as a Canton Township Ordinance.  Thank you for your help.

Golf Course Etiquette 

We strongly recommend that you do not walk, hike, jog, stroll, or ride your bicycle on any of the golf cart paths within the Pheasant Run Golf Course holes.   We know the thought is appealing but the path is intended to enhance the pace of play for golfers who have paid to use the course.  Pedestrian use of the cart path causes golfers to wait until the violator is out of range before striking the ball, thereby slowing the pace of play.  Crossing a golf hole in the middle of the fairway is even more dangerous.  Should a golfer not pause or see you, the risk of being hit by a golf ball is quite high.

To cross the fairway or use a golf cart path is trespassing.  Any injury resulting from unauthorized use of a golf hole will be the sole responsibility of the trespasser.  Save yourself a trip to the emergency room and please use the newly repaired subdivision sidewalks.  We encourage that you please inform your guests and remind young members of your family.  

Governing Document Amendments have been approved!

Many thanks to the hard work of our board members and to all of you that voted for our new governing documents!
Final vote counts:
Articles of Incorporation: 136 for / 13 against
Covenants and Restrictions: 132 for / 17 against

The goal of this process was to update very outdated documents, include association-owned mailboxes into our governing documents, and enable the board to better address landscaping and unsightly conditions in our subdivision.  The revised documents and information about the process can be found on the Governing Documents / Proposed Amendments page.

The goals for amending our association governing documents include:

  • Update documents to comply with new federal and state laws and court cases.

  • Update documents to include association-provided mailboxes in our governing documents.

  • Modernize our documents to address the current ‘hot topics’ faced by modern associations.

  • Remove errors, typos, and all unnecessary developer language.

  • Improve readability with shorter paragraphs, less ‘legalese,’ more section titles and subheadings.

  • Consolidate or shorten documents, sections, and text as possible.

  • Remove all illegal (or potentially illegal) provisions.

  • Customize documents to the particular needs of our community.

  • Improve overall functionality and effectiveness of our documents.

  • Educate the membership of the purpose, content, and function of the association’s governing documents as part of the amendment process.

The cost for the complete legal review and proper filing was extensive.  We anticipated and included this expenditure in the budget; the membership will not incur an additional expense.