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What's happening in the neighborhood?

Construction Alert!

Beginning Monday, April 15, right-lane and shoulder closures will take place on eastbound and westbound Michigan Avenue between Haggerty and Hannan roads at the I-275 interchange as MDOT crews work to improve signals, crosswalks, ramps and sidewalks.

The right-turn lane on westbound Michigan Avenue will be closed at Haggerty Road, and traffic will be detoured to northbound Lilley Road and then eastbound Palmer Road to Haggerty Road. There will also be a temporary pedestrian crosswalk at Haggerty Road while the construction work is happening.

Motorists are advised, crews will occasionally stop traffic between Haggerty and Hannan roads to pull wires across the road. Closures in this area are anticipated to last through July.

Annual Subdivision Garage Sale of 2024

It is time for the great neighborhood personal effects shuffle . . . also known as the subdivision garage sale.

The date for the annual 2024 subdivision garage sale has been set for this year. At the regular Board of Directors meeting on April 8, 2024, the Board approved the weekend of Thursday June 6 through Saturday June 8, 2024, for this year's event.  This is the second weekend following the busy Memorial Day weekend with the thinking that the date would provide our membership a little more time to plan, clean, clear, sort, organize, and prepare for the sale.

The Board will publicize the subdivision garage sale in local newspapers, social media, and with our "A - frame" signs at each entry.  All homeowners are invited to participate.  Simply open your garage door and stick a sign in your yard near your driveway.  A bouquet of ballons attached to the sign or displayed in your yard also helps to attract shoppers.  The sale times are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

Pheasant Run Golf Course

The golf course is now open for play.  Pheasant Run Golf Course is a public course available for use by paying to play golf at the clubhouse located on Summit Parkway.  The course is not open for private play or personal recreation.  If you might be in the habit of walking, jogging, running, or riding a bicycle (or other vehicle) on the cart paths, please know that none of these activities is permitted.  It is dangerous to perform any of these activities while players are engaged in a round of golf as not every golfer has complete control of their hits.  By entering the course, you are endangering and exposing yourself to be unintentionally struck with a golf ball or golf cart.  Both hurt and can be avoided by using the subdivision sidewalks and not golf cart paths.  Lastly, you may be charged with trespassing.  If you happen to own property adjacent to the course, we thank you for allowing golfers to retrieve errantly shot golf balls.  Enjoy the warm summer months.

Canton Board of Trustees selects new waste hauler


At its February 13 meeting, the Canton Board of Trustees awarded a new five-year waste hauling contract to Priority Waste, which will begin on August 1. Canton’s current contract with GFL Environmental will expire on July 31. Curbside collection of refuse, recycling, and yard waste is one of the largest contracts in Canton. In an effort to provide the highest level of service to residents, a “Request for Proposals” was sent out in September of 2023. Three proposals were submitted by GFL Environmental USA, Priority Waste and Titan Environmental Solutions.


Priority Waste came in as the lowest qualified bidder. Priority Waste’s proposal included weekly curbside collection of refuse utilizing a 95-gallon cart. These carts will be provided to residents before August 1, which will replace the current collection protocol of using 35-gallon containers and garbage bags. A comprehensive public education campaign that covers new removal processes and procedures will be launched before August 1 to address all resident questions regarding this change.

Since the initial announcement went out a lot of misinformation is being spread.  While Canton is still working out the implementation details, here is what we do know;


 • Collection days will not change.  Our collection day remains Thursday.

 • Priority Waste will continue to collect all garbage, recycling and yard waste on a weekly basis.

 • Priority Waste will utilize the existing 64-gallon recycling carts, there will be no change.

 • Priority Waste will provide 95-gallon garbage carts to each curbside collection address.  Canton Township is investigating alternatives for seniors and those with disabilities.  More information will be provided as it becomes available.


Residents should continue to check the FOCUS newsletter each month for details.  In July, a full two-page flap will be dedicated to the implementation of Priority Waste. The goal of the flap is to address all questions and concerns before the August 1 switch.

To learn more about Canton’s current curbside collection guidelines visit For up-to-date information and announcements please follow Canton Facebook page at

Trash and Recycling remindeer

All refuse and recycling must be placed at the curb by 6:30 a.m. to ensure pick-up. GFL will not pick-up refuse or recycling that is placed past the sidewalk on private property. All recycling must be placed separately from your refuse on the opposite side of your driveway.

Carts MUST be placed on your driveway apron and not in the street. They must also be placed on the opposite side of your drive from your refuse, leaving at least 6” around the cart so the mechanical arm on the truck can easily fit around the cart. Hinges and handles should face towards your residence with the lifting bar facing the street.  

For questions or more information on solid waste collection call GFL Environmental USA Inc. at 844/464-3587.

Election of Officers for 2024

The subdivision Board of directors have elected officers for next year.  With the new members now seated on the Board of directors, the election of officers were the orders of the day for the December 2023 regular meeting of the Board.  The results of the officer election are:

PRESIDENT - James Hegarty

VICE PRESIDENT - Tejkiran Singh

SECRETARY - Kate Borninski

TREASURER - Mark Waldbauer

ROADWAY MANAGER - Kevin Whitaker

The officers will begin the transfer of duties immediately but fully assume office on January 1, 2024.  Congratulations to the new members of the board.

Subdivision Annual Meeting of the Membership

The Pheasant View Board of Directors wishes to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who voted or attended the subdivision annual meeting of the membership held Monday, November 13, 2023.  The meeting was held at the Canton Township Administration Building in lower-level meeting room B at 7:00 PM.  The meeting was also made virtually available on zoom.


Reports recapping the past eleven months of activity were offered by . . .

  • President, Kevin Whitaker

  • Vice President, Tejkiran Singh

  • Secretary, James Hegarty

  • Treasurer, Mark Waldbauer

  • Roadway Manager, Donald Watson


Additional committee reports were given recapping the work performed from . . .

  • Pheasant Run Road Maintenance Association (PRRMA)

  • Architectural Review Committee

  • Subdivision Communication Coordinator

  • Welcoming Committee


Topics that affect the entire membership were discussed.  Discussed items of concern included the increase in cost and labor the subdivision has experienced from our contracted services.  The increase in the 2023 annual assessment was very much needed to cover all our expenses and additionally fund the repair of our aging subdivision irrigation system and the repair of many mailboxes vandalized this past summer.  Although we mostly experienced a wet summer, the money saved in watering was spent on tree trimming and tree removal on the berm, from several strong summer storms and a F-0 tornado.  There is more detail about each item below on this news page.  Most recently we have lost all electrical power to the Crowndale boulevard entry which is a PRRMA concern.

The Orders of The Day were to elect three (3) members to the Board of Directors for a two-year term.  No write-in candidates or nominations from the floor were offered.  The three (3) candidates presented on the ballots were therefore elected.  Congratulations to Kate Borninski, James Hegarty, and Mark Waldbuaer.  The election of officers for fiscal year 2024 will take place at the December regular Board meeting.  The membership is invited to attend.


The budget and annual assessment amount for fiscal year 2024 will be approved at the January board meeting.


The annual meeting of the membership is the one time each year for everyone to be in one place to share concerns and express gratitude.  The Pheasant View Homeowners’ Association membership’s input is needed to guide the direction the Board of Directors implements in the future months.  Thank you to everyone who participated this year!

Due to the recent devastating storm damage, Canton filed a state of emergency within 24 hours of the heavy rainfall that occurred last Wednesday, August 23, 2023, in order to open the possibility of a federal government state of emergency declaration. At that time, Canton did not know the full extent of the Township’s damage and began the process to secure any possible assistance available for our residents.  Here is an update on the status of current state of emergencies. 

  • Presently, there are no funds available to residents from Canton Township, the County, State, or Federal Government as a result of these declarations of emergency. 

  • Residents and businesses must work with their insurance companies and remediation companies for water and/or wind damage in their particular situation. 

  • If residents are in need of food, clothing, or assistance with carrying things out of their basement, please call 211 for volunteer assistance from 211 available resources. 

  • Canton residents who experienced damage to their homes due to the recent high-impact storms who have not already participated in the door-to-door damage assessment are encouraged to submit a self-reporting survey with photos to help assess the damage throughout the township, which is available online at: Self-reporting surveyabout Important Canton Storm Damage Disaster Relief Information

  • Currently, total damage assessments are still being collected through online self-reporting surveys, as well as door-to-door assessments in order to collect information as evidence for the Township’s declaration of emergency. 

  • After the assessment is sent to the State, the State will determine if the damage across the state warrants a request for a Presidential Disaster Declaration. 

  • Requests by the State for a Presidential Disaster Declaration are then reviewed by the federal government on a case-by-case basis.  

  • If the declaration is approved, the federal government will then determine if public assistance (for government infrastructure), individual assistance (aid to individuals), and/or other forms of assistance will be made available. 

  • If a Presidential Disaster Declaration is issued, additional information will be made available as soon as possible.  

For additional information, visit https://www.canton-

Subdivision Mailbox Vandalism update

On the morning of Thursday, July 6th, the Board was notified by a homeowner on the northern end of Crowndale that their mailbox post had been vandalized and it was on the ground in pieces.  We then received an email from another homeowner at the southern end of the subdivision reporting that their group of mailboxes had also been vandalized.  Upon surveying the entire neighborhood, we determined four mailbox posts had been impacted (two on Crowndale, one on Southwick, and one on Stonebridge).  While I was accessing the damage, a Canton Police Officer was cruising through our neighborhood as he had already been called by one of our homeowners. I flagged him down and let him know I represented the Board and that the mailboxes were HOA owned.   The Officer told me that several subdivisions close to us (Central Park and Glengarry) had also sustained significant mailbox vandalism.  The Officer shared that at that time they had already retrieved the bumper and license plate from the offending vehicle.

The Board requested I contact the contractor that installed the mailboxes letting them know we needed a quote to replace/repair the damage as soon as possible.  The contractor was onsite Friday, July 7th to assess the damage.  They provided a quote to the Board in time for us to discuss it in our Monthly Board meeting held on Monday, July 10th.  The Board agreed to proceed with the repairs and the contractor was onsite Tuesday, July 11th . All the replacements/repairs were completed that day.  The cost to repair the four posts and associated mailboxes was approximately $3,800.

I contacted the Canton Police on Tuesday, July 11th to request an update related to our case.  I was informed that three juveniles from Westland had been arrested for stealing two vehicles from the Westland area.  They used these cars to wreak havoc on private property in our area.  One of the vehicles had been abandoned in Central Park when it was so damaged it ceased to run.  Because of their juvenile status, the Canton Police were unsure if the HOA would be able to prosecute for the damage incurred.  They will keep us informed as the case progresses.  Any homeowner’s that have any additional information that may assist in the investigation, please feel free to contact the Canton Police referencing the report number 230022862.

The Board is evaluating our existing property insurance policy to see if a claim can be filed for the damage.  The Board does not budget for these kinds of extraordinary expenses, so it is our hope that relief can be provided by either an insurance claim or the successful prosecution of the perpetrators.


Kevin Whitaker

PVHA President

Have a question?  We may have your answer!

We have added a new FAQ tab at the top of the page.  We receive many similar questions from week-to-week and/or year-to-year so we thought it might be faster for you to see if your question has an answer here, than it is to contact a Board member and send that email.  Take a look at the FAQ page to see you your inquiry has already been addressed.  If the answer is not there, we invite you to please click on the contact tab and forward your question to the Board, ARC, or communications coordinator.  Someone will reply in short order.  Remember, we are all volunteers with employment responsibilities as well.  Your patience is appreciated.

Governing Document Amendments have been approved!

Many thanks to the hard work of our board members and to all of you that voted for our new governing documents!
Final vote counts:
Articles of Incorporation: 136 for / 13 against
Covenants and Restrictions: 132 for / 17 against

The approved documents may be found on our Governing Documents page.  The Restated and Amended Covenants and Restrictions are searchable from the table of contents page to make finding the exact location of your query faster.

The goal of this process was to update very outdated documents, include association-owned mailboxes into our governing documents, and enable the board to better address landscaping and unsightly conditions in our subdivision.  The revised documents and information about the process can be found on the Governing Documents / Proposed Amendments page.

The goals for amending our association governing documents include:

  • Update documents to comply with new federal and state laws and court cases.

  • Update documents to include association-provided mailboxes in our governing documents.

  • Modernize our documents to address the current ‘hot topics’ faced by modern associations.

  • Remove errors, typos, and all unnecessary developer language.

  • Improve readability with shorter paragraphs, less ‘legalese,’ more section titles and subheadings.

  • Consolidate or shorten documents, sections, and text as possible.

  • Remove all illegal (or potentially illegal) provisions.

  • Customize documents to the particular needs of our community.

  • Improve overall functionality and effectiveness of our documents.

  • Educate the membership of the purpose, content, and function of the association’s governing documents as part of the amendment process.

The cost for the complete legal review and proper filing was extensive.  We anticipated and included this expenditure in the budget; the membership will not incur an additional expense.  


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