What's happening in the neighborhood?

Board Meeting Monday, June 14 at 7:00 via ZOOM

All homeowners are welcome to attend.  Please send an email with your name, address and lot number to: to get the Zoom link. 

2021 Subdivision Garage Sale!

Save your treasures and mark the date!  The subdivision garage sale is back!  It will run from June 3-5 from 9-5.  The subdivision will place an ad on Facebook and Craig's List and post signs at the entryways.  Fairways and Fairway Pines will be having garage sales the same day to try to get more interest in our area.

2021 Annual Assessments due March 1

The subdivision board of directors is pleased to announce that there will be no increase in the annual assessment for 2021.  Details and the link to pay via PayPal can be found on the Treasurer's page.  Your prompt payment will be greatly appreciated!

By-Laws and Covenant and Restriction Legal Review

The Board of Directors is contracting with a law firm to conduct a comprehensive amendment project for our Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Covenants & Restrictions.  The goal of this process is to update very outdated documents, include association-owned mailboxes into our governing documents, and enable the board to better address landscaping and unsightly conditions in our subdivision.

The goals of amending our association governing documents are to:

  • Update documents to comply with new federal and state laws and court cases.

  • Update documents to include association-provided mailboxes in our governing documents.

  • Modernize our documents to address the current ‘hot topics’ faced by modern associations.

  • Remove errors, typos, and all unnecessary developer language.

  • Improve readability with shorter paragraphs, less ‘legalese,’ more section titles and subheadings.

  • Consolidate or shorten documents, sections, and text as possible.

  • Remove all illegal (or potentially illegal) provisions.

  • Customize documents to the particular needs of our community.

  • Improve overall functionality and effectiveness of our documents.

  • Educate the membership of the purpose, content, and function of the association’s governing documents as part of the amendment process.

The cost for the complete legal review and proper filing is $8,000.  We have anticipated and included this expenditure in this year’s budget; the membership will not incur an additional expense.  We will publish and share all altered governing documents with all homeowners at least 30 days before any association vote.


The e-mail provides a way for you to vote on whether or not you support the board moving forward with this initiative.

To help with the voting process, please make sure we have your current email address by using the "Connect" page and / or by providing updates on the form included with your assessment invoice.


Here is an outline of how the amendment process would work:


Thank you for your help and input!!!