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2022 Board of Directors

The undersigned, being the duly designated voting representative of the lot selected below of Pheasant View Subdivision, hereby requests that June Waldbauer, the current subdivision communications coordinator (a non-board member), casts this ballot for the election of members of the Board of Directors on the behalf of the person named below.  The actual election will take place at the Annual Meeting of the Subdivision Membership, Monday, November 14, 2022, 7:00 P.M. via a Zoom virtual meeting. We encourage everyone to attend.  Please note that any information entered below will only be used for official subdivision communications and will not be shared in any way.  

Please vote by filling in all fields below and clicking the "Cast Vote" button.
Candidate Biographies

Name: TejKiran Singh (Sunny)
Profession: Engineer
TejKiran and Amrit have been married 14 years and have one daughter. They have been Pheasant View homeowners since 2016. TejKiran has held a Board position since 2018.
Voluntary Involvements:
Patient Family Advisor (PFA) at Beaumont Hospital, Wayne MI
Member of Canton CCIC Committee

Name: Kevin Whitaker
Profession: Retired Business Professional
Kevin and Ginger have been married 34 years and have three grown daughters. Both Kevin and Ginger are now retired and are enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle! They have
been Pheasant View homeowners since 2015. Kevin has held a Board position since 2016.

Voluntary Involvements:
Volunteer at the Open Door Ministry Food Bank
Volunteer with Canton Meals on Wheels program

Vote for no more than two

By signing and clicking the button below, you assert that you are the homeowner of the property selected and you request that your vote for these candidates will be cast in accordance with the choices specified above.

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