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From the Roadway Manager

May 10, 2018

The following items were discussed in tonight’s PRRMA meeting:

Road Repair for the Summer of 2018:

  • The Fairway Pines sub has several roads that fall below the acceptable average of the PASER rating (Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating – industry standard for road evaluation).  Fairways and Pheasant View’s roads on the whole are above that average
  • The Board decided to hold off on repair of these areas within Fairway Pines with the anticipation that a larger project covering all  three subs will take place in the summer of 2019
  • The Board did agree to repair the apron on Summit Parkway for the Links of Pheasant Run.  The estimated cost is between $30-$35K

Diseased Trees on Summit Parkway & Glengarry Blvd.:

  • Quotes will be collected to remove the trees that are determined to be diseased beyond recovery
  • Because there are areas of over planting on both roads, it will later be determined if the removed trees will be replaced   

Potholes and pavement cracking:

  • Quotes will be collected from contractors to perform pothole patching and crack sealing.  The intent is to place this contractor on retainer at an established time & materials rate

 General Items:

  • PRRMA awaits Wayne County’s response to PV’s request to place a stop light at Crowndale Blvd. and Beck
  • Spring street cleaning will soon be scheduled for all three subs


Kevin Whitaker
Roadway Manager

Pheasant Run Roadway Maintenance Association

Pheasant Run Roadway Maintenance Association, Inc. (PRRMA) incorporates three subdivisions and Canton Township.  They are Pheasant View at Pheasant Run, Fairways at Pheasant Run, and Fairway Pines at Pheasant Run.  The PRRMA Board of directors incorporates a representative from each subdivision and two persons from Canton Township; a five person board.

The purpose of PRRMA is to enforce and administrate The Reciprocal Roadway Maintenance Agreement which specifies for each entity the maintenance and repairs of our roads and infrastructure systems.  The Reciprocal Roadway Maintenance Agreement directly affects the entire roadway within our three (3) subdivisions and also includes Summit Parkway and Glengarry Boulevard.

A portion of the annual assessment we pay each year goes directly to PRRMA.  A percentage is placed into a reserve fund which is held by PRRMA for anticipated future expenses, for the maintenance and repairs of our roads.  A majority of this money is invested in secure deposits with the intention to increase the amount of cash on hand and to reduce the amount needed from each contributing entity. 

PRRMA has its own web site at:  All of the financials, meeting minutes, contact information and governing documents can now be found at that site.  To find out who is responsible for what (sidewalks, driveways, streets), see the the responsibility matrix (.pdf).

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